Superfoods | Why We Love Them

Vegetables Are the Best Healthy Start to the New Year

Here we are, the beginning of the new year and a Fresh Start is what many of us need, and crave. We are looking to shed that “extra” we packed on in 2018. The “extra” could be pounds, habits (the bad ones), negative thoughts, negative people, negative energy period!

Perhaps this year you want to explore and integrate plant based meals into your diet, if you are not vegetarian or vegan, find balance between your physical and spiritual self, add to your toolbox of mindfulness and awaking. Maybe you want to explore new methods of movement (exercise) to your routine to give yourself an extra boost of energy. Whatever it is, the beginning of the fresh start,  the new beginning always begins in the mind, and then is supported by what we put in our bodies and what we surround ourselves with.

We must be able to think clearly and see clearly exactly what is going on in our bodies, our minds and no doubt our spirits, for all three must be nourished. We might find that we have some imbalances and now is the time to bring our full attention and intention to the matter.

Have you ever heard the saying you are what you eat? It's true! There are proven studies out here that show us the benefits and downfalls to food and substances that we ingest everyday. What if we were more intentional about what we were eating and paid more attention to the actual effects that these foods have on our total being?

I feel that we would be operating at a higher level and would be very intentional doing so. When I think of food to help support my brain, and  my body thus providing light energy to my soul I think of greens. Yep good old fashioned greens, however greens have come along way and they can be eaten cold or hot, served as a salad or either be the main dish on the plate or that beautiful flavored side to say another brain, body and spirit boosting dish, like Salmon… We can get into the benefits of salmon later, back to greens...

In order to give ourselves the proper landscape to create a more beautiful, enlightened and healthy self we must first start with clarity.

Greens, like broccoli, Kale, Brussel Sprouts, Collards, Mustarts, Chards, Bok Choy are all excellent examples of foods that help promote a healthy brain, and is considered anti-inflammatory rich in vitamin k and vitamin A, which works wonders with keeping inflammation down in your body. Inflammation contributes to chronic illness and autoimmune diseases. By eating green leafy vegetables everyday not only will our bodies benefit, our minds and spirit will too. This is the beginning to a better more clear and vibrate me and you.

We have got a great recipe for cooked greens, they are great on the side or as a meal on its own. Now just to let y'all know this recipe is a bit different from the traditional way we were taught. This recipe can be vegetarian and or vegan if you like but does not require a long cooking time, in fact this is all about retaining all those nutrients we mentioned above by gently cooking them through the method of sauteing and then layering the flavor on top. I promise you will love them, you may need to get used to the texture because they will still have a bit of a bite, a little crunchy but absolutely delicious.