Happy New Year Creedies!

Welcome Creedies...and Happy New Year!

First off, Creole Creed wants to thank all of you that have been supporters from day one on our journey to provide, quality and delicious meals throughout the bay area. We are expanding our brand to include a spice line, online content, interviews with other food entrepreneurs and  enthusiast, food reviews, food demos and tutorials. In our family when you share food or break “bread together” it opens the mind, body and spirit in beautiful ways to share experiences, broden understandings and give and show love. Magic happens when great food and great company comes together. Our hope and aim is to explore culture, healing, health, and relationships through food and culture. We will bridge the gaps between the past and the present and find the hidden treasures that are among us all one meal at time.

This month we are going to explore Superfoods, Detoxification, and those Good Intentions we all start out having the beginning of the year and somehow forget and get distracted through the rest of the year. We will explore what self-mastery and the awakening of the true self.   We will peel back the layers of the hows and why it's important to our overall well being.

We encourage you to subscribe to our campaign and come along and ride on this fantastic voyage. We are so excited to be living and living out loud in living color! You all add to these colors and flavors that blend so well to make the melody we move and groove to. Let us know what you all feel, and think. If there any topics and or ideas that any of you want to share we welcome you to step on up to our table and bring it!  

Our beloved Creedies we wish you the best of everything this blessed year, we will roll it out and ride together as we explore and grow into being and operating at our highest level!

All aboard, Let’s get it!